Dagmer, better known as Dagmer Cleftjaw, is an Ironborn raider who serves as the master-at-arms for House Greyjoy at Pyke.

Appearance and Character Edit

Dagmer has snow white hair and a hideous scar. A longaxe blow had nearly killed him as a child, splintering his jaw, smashing his front teeth and leaving him four lips instead of two. He has a shaggy beard, but the hair does not grow where the scar is. Dagmer wears many rings, gold and silver and bronze, set with sapphire and garnet and dragonglass, all of which he won by the iron price.

He is proud, but not prickly.

History Edit

In his youth, Dagmer was one of the most feared soldiers of the Iron Islands. He once spent a summer reaving in the Stepstones with a young Balon Greyjoy. He also trained Balon's son, Theon, in arms, riding, and boatsmanship.

Books Edit

A Clash of Kings Edit

Balon sends Dagmer to Old Wyk to raise the Stonehouses and the Drumms. After completing his mission, he is sent with Theon and Aeron Greyjoy to take part in the Harrying of the Stony Shore. Theon then sends Dagmer to attack Torrhen's Square, as a plan to draw the Winterfell garrison and leave the castle vulnerable. Dagmer loses the fight at Torrhen's Square, but his distraction works and allows Theon to take Winterfell whilst Ser Rodrik Cassel is away.

A Storm of Swords Edit

After Rodrik departs with Leobald Tallhart, the castellan of Torrhen's Square, to retake Winterfell, Dagmer returns and takes Torrhen's Square.