Daeron Targaryen, also known has Daeron the Drunk, was King Maekar's eldest son, and the elder brother of Prince Aerion, Prince Aemon, Prince Aegon

Early LifeEdit

Prince Daeron was Prince Maekar's eldest son, not much is known about Daeron early childhood.


The Hedge KnightEdit

Prince Daeron under his father's command was sent with his younger brother Prince Aegon V to squire for him at the Tourney at Ashford, in hopes that his own sons would outshine his brother's son Prince Valaar. Daeron however was too frightened. The horses and weapons belonging to the other knights, flees and takes Aegon to a near by tavern to get drunk. Aegon unimpressed with his elder brother, leaves with a hedge knight to take him to the Ashord Tourney. Prince Maekar later comes looking for his two sons, only to find out that his eldest had lost Aegon to a robber. The two go looking for Aegon, only to find that Aegon's robber Ser Duncan had assualted one of Prince Maekar's son, Prince Aerion. Aerion demands a trail of Seven, Daeron too tries to accuse Dunk of kidnapping Aegon. But later Daeron withdraw his accusations and would apologize to Dunk for lying, becuase he had not noticed that Aegon was gone.

Daeron explains to Dunk that he had a dream about him facing off with a great red dragon, and Dunk would survive. Daeron not knowning the meaning behind his vision, assures Ser Duncan that his dreams always come true and that he would not participate against Ser Duncan with his brother Aerion in the Trail of Seven, because he was afraid of Ser Duncan.


Daeron dies from dragon pox sometime after his father ascendes to the throne. Which he caught from a whore. He leaves behind his feeble minded daughter in line for the throne.

Character and apperanceEdit

Daeron unlike his sibling had none of their families Valyrain features, he looked more like a Dornishman hence his mother. He had swallow skin, sandy brown hair and a blonde beard. Daeron also seemed to possess his families dream like ability, though he had little understanding of them, he would often try to get drunk to escape them. Daeron was very fond of getting drunk and wenching.

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