Chataya's Brothel Edit

Chataya's Brothel is located on The Street of Silk in King's Landing. It is both owned and run by Chataya.

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Events Edit

A Game of Thrones Edit

Lord Eddard Stark finds Barra, the bastard daughter of King Robert Baratheon in the Brothel. Her mother is a whore in the establishment.

A Clash of Kings Edit

Queen Cersei Lannister decides to get rid of all Robert's bastards in order to erase any clue of her adultery. She sends men of the City Watch under the command of Allar Deem to kill Barra and her daughter. After Tyrion Lannister becomes the hand of the king, he sends Allar Deem to The Wall.

As a result to his actions; Tyrion wins the applaud of Chataya and her establishment, and starts using the brothel as a cover to visit Shae at a mance nearby.

Chataya's Girls Edit

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