Caraxes was a dragon, nicknamed the Blood Wyrm, he was ridden by Prince Daemon Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons. He was huge, formidable, fearsome, and experienced in battle.

Caraxes fought in the Stepstones with Daemon Targaryen in a conflict sometime before the Dance of the Dragons. With his help, Daemon took Harrenhal during the Dance.

Atop Caraxes, Daemon challenged Aemond Targaryen to a duel at Harrenhal. Aemond rode Vhagar, who was larger than Caraxes. All four were killed in the fight over the God's Eye, when Daemon jumped from Caraxes in mid-air and killed Aemond, while Caraxes and Vhagar crashed. Vhagar drowned and Caraxes managed to swim ashore before sucummbing to its injuries.

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