The Captain's Sister is a resident of Duskendale. She is the sister of the Duskendale Captain. Her true name is not mentioned.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

She has a cheerful manner and is a talented painter. Her hair is brown. Her house is beautifully painted and lies opposite from the Seven Swords inn. The only castle that she has seen is the Dun Fort.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

Her brother recommends her to Brienne Tarth when she needed her shield repainting from the bat of House Lothston. Her house is decorated with the painting of a castle in an autumn wood. The castle is based on what all castles should look like, as the only castle she has ever seen is the Dun Fort. She acts cheerfully around Brienne until she sees the bat of Lothston, talking to Brienne about Danelle Lothston.

She delivers the newly painted shield to Brienne the next day, now adorned with a star falling over a tree, the sigil of Ser Duncan the Tall, which Brienne had seen in her father's armory. She didn't want to use the sigil of House Tarth as many people suspected that she was responsible for the death of King Renly Baratheon.