Brella is a servant in King's Landing.


Brella was hired by Lord Renly Baratheon to look after his household in the capital. Tyrion Lannister believes that her time with Renly made her good at being deaf, blind and mute.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

Brienne Tarth tracks Brella down, hoping that she can shed some light into the whereabouts of her former mistress. Brella tells Brienne of hos Sansa often prayed in the sept and in the Godswood of King's Landing. She thinks that Sansa will have fled to The North, as that is where her gods are. It is Brella who tells Brienne about Sansa saving Ser Dontos Hollard, and that she believes that he might be with him. Brella later tells Podrick Payne about Brienne, although it is unknown which sought the other out.

Brella is now forced to do the washing in brothels, as no lord will have her due to the fact that she has served two traitors to the realm.