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Brandon Stark, commonly called Bran, is the second son and fourth child of Eddard Stark and his wife Catelyn. He is seven years old when A Game of Thrones begins.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Bran has his mother's coloring in appearance, having the thick auburn hair and deep blue eyes of the Tully.

Bran is a sweet and thoughtful boy, well-loved by everyone at Winterfell. He had a fascination with climbing and exploring along the walls and ramparts of the castle before he became crippled. Lady Catelyn once said that Bran could "climb before he could walk". However, he becomes more serious and contemplative due to his increasingly worsening situation after his fall.


A Game of Thrones Edit

Bran is with his brothers when he witnesses his father executes a deserter from the Night's Watch. On the way back to Winterfell, after he and his father discuss the execution, they find a dead mother Direwolf with six pups. He adopts a Direwolf pup with golden eyes, but can't decide on a name fo it.

During King Robert Baratheon's visit, Bran is climbing an abandoned tower, when he hears voices. He climbs to a nearby window, and sees Ser Jaime Lannister having sex with his twin sister Queen Cersei. Knowing that it means death for them if Bran tells anyone, Bran is pushed from the window by Jaime Lannister which takes away the use of his legs, and leaves Bran a cripple. While in a coma, an assassin sets a fire to draw people away and tries to kill him with a Valyrian steel knife. But Bran's wolf rips the man's throat out.
Bran stark by aprilis420-d5mntjz

Bran falling from the tower and dreaming of the three eyed crow

Bran lay in a coma having dreams of a three eyed crow that tells him to fly. He tries and wakes up to find his Direwolf sitting on his bed. Bran suddenly announces that the wolf's name is Summer. He has no memory of the events leading to his fall for many months. In a later visit, Tyrion Lannister gives him a Design for a saddle which will allow him to ride. The first time he tries it outside the walls, he gets captured by a group of wildlings that want to steal his horse and ransom him back to Winterfell. However Robb, Theon, and the Direwolves find them and all the wildlings are killed except for Osha; a spear wife (woman Wildling warrior). She and Bran start talking to each other in the Godswood and become friends.

A Clash of Kings Edit

When Theon Greyjoy invades Winterfell Bran surrenders the Keep to him to protect the people of Winterfell, but not wishing to be a hostage, he plans an escape with Osha, Hodor, Rickon, and the two Reed children. Bran heads north to the wall, where his visions are guiding him. The Wildling woman Osha takes his brother Rickon and his direwolf, Shaggydog a different way, because a dying Maester Luwin tells them they need to separate so one will make it through if something happens to the other. Bran travels with Hodor and the brother and sister duo Meera and Jojen Reed. Jojen is gifted with "green dreams" and uses clues given in his dreams to guide the party North.

Bran, along with the rest of the Stark children, is a warg. Throughout the series he inhabits the body of his own direwolf as well as Hodor. In a dream Bran is promised the ability to fly by a three eyed crow. Jojen, using his green dreams, promises to help take Bran to meet the three eyed crow and become a trained warg.

Bran and party have a close encounter with Jon and Ghost but by the end Jon only saw Bran's wolf and continues to believe him dead. Bran's group comes into contact with Samwell Tarly and Gilly just after arriving at one of the castles at the Wall. He shows them a tunnel passing through the wall. They force Sam into keeping their survival of Theon's invasion a secret from Jon Snow.

By the end of A Dance with Dragons Bran, Jojen, Meera and Hodor come into contact with the Children of the Forest and one such woman leads them to the fabled Three Eyed Crow. The "crow" is actually an old warg whose body has merged with a godswood tree. This warg begins teaching Bran how to see through the eyes of the godswood and Bran sees several scenes in the godswood in Winterfell, including one of his father asking for the strength to deal with Catelyn Stark's hatred of the bastard, Jon Snow. He sees his father as a child playing with a young Lyanna who looks like Arya.

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