Biter is a criminal from King's Landing who Yoren tries to make join the Night's Watch. Eventually he joins the Brave Companions. He is killed by Gendry after a skirmish at an inn.


A Clash of KingsEdit

Biter is imprisoned in the Black Cells for being involved in an illicit dog fighting ring. He is taken by Yoren when Lord Eddard Stark allows him to have his pick of the Cells. Biter is kept chained in a wagon with his owner, Rorge, and Jaqen H'ghar. The three are saved by Arya Stark after Yoren is killed by Ser Amory Lorch. Arya gives them an axe and they manage to cut themselves free. When at Harrenhal the three join the Brave Companions, under the command of Vargo Hoat.

Biter helps Rorge, Jaqen and Arya free to the captured northern prisoners as part of the plan devised by Vargo and Lord Roose Bolton, because she helped to save their lives. He is accepted in as a member of the Companions due to the fact that he fits their criteria.

A Feast for CrowsEdit

Biter joins Rorge in abandoning Vargo Hoat and the to head north with some other Companions. They head to Saltpans where they hope they can find a ship out of the port to Essos. When they can't, Rorge lets them loose and they committ the Raid on Saltpans. Afterwards, Rorge is killed by Brienne of Tarth, and Biter overpowers her. Gendry saves Brienne's life by stabbing a spear through his neck.