Lord Benjicot Blackwood, also known as Bloody Ben Blackwood, was the head of House Blackwood and the Lord of Raventree Hall during the Dance of the Dragons.

History Edit

Benjicot supported the blacks, and was just eleven years old when he fought for them during the Battle by the Lakeshore. He was reported to have wept when he saw the dead after the battle. He asked Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen to face Prince Aemond Targaryen when the latter started to ravage The Riverlands on the back of Vhagar. She stayed in King's Landing.

Benjicot was present for the Second Battle of Tumbleton and, after the battle was fought, had one of his bowmen, named Billy Burley, put three arrows through the eye of Tessarion. Ben later fought with Lord Kermit Tully at the Battle of the Kingsroad, and his aunt, Alysanne Blackwood, was given command of the archers. Ben broke the flank of Lord Borros Baratheon. After the battle Benjicot was given the name Bloody Ben.