King Benedict I Justman, also known as Benedict Rivers, Benedict the Bold, and Benedict the Just was a King of the Trident and founder of House Justman.

Appearance and Character Edit

Benedict was considered stern and wise.

History Edit

Benedict was originally a bastard born of House Blackwood and House Bracken. He was despised as a boy, but became a great knight known as Benedict the Bold. The Blackwoods and the Brackens were his first supporters, and he then defeated all the petty kings of the Riverlands over a thirty year period, before then allowing himself to be crowned.

He went on to become known as a just king, hence he took the name Justman for his new house. During his twenty-three-year reign he expanded his dominion as far east as Maidenpool and as far north as the Neck. He was succeeded by his son, King Benedict II Justman.