The Battle on the Honeywine was a major altercation between the greens and the blacks during the Dance of the Dragons. It was fought between the greens, led by Lord Ormund Hightower, and the blacks, led by Lord Thaddeus Rowan and Lord Alan Tarly. It ended with a green victory.

Before the BattleEdit

The Reach had been split by the civil war, with House Hightower siding with King Aegon II Targaryen, but many of the Reach Lord didn't, with Ser Alan Beesbury and Lord Owen Costayne, vassals of Oldtown, amongst those declaring for Rhaenyra Targaryen. This meant that Lord Ormund would have to fight the Hightower forces through the reach before they could join up with the rest of the green force. Lord Lyonel Tyrell, a babe, was kept out of the war by his regent, who pushed for the neutrality of House Tyrell and let their vassals fight.

The BattleEdit

On the banks of the Honeywine Lord Ormund was caught between two armies. Armoured knights from House Rowan and House Caswell charged his men from the northeast, whilst behind him he had the forces of House Tarly, House Costayne and House Beesbury pressing him. Defeat seemed like a foregone conclusion as Lord Ormund tried to fight the battle on two fronts, but his men were saved when Prince Daeron Targaryen, Ormund's squire and brother to Aegon and Rhaenyra, arrived on the back of his dragon Tessarion and caused the black force into a rout

After the BattleEdit

The blacks took heavy losses during the battle, with Tom Flowers, the commander of the Caswell troops, killed by tessarion, and Lord Owen killed by Ser Jon Roxton. They also lost seasoned commanders in Alan Tarly and Alan Beebury, as both were captured in the aftermath of the main battle.

Young Daeron was hailed as a hero, with Ormund knighting the boy, using the Hightower valyrian steel sword Vigilance to do so. He dubbed Daeron as Daeron the Daring, a name that stuck, although Daeron modestly claimed that it had been Tessarion that was the true hero of the battle.

The battle slowed the advance of the green forces in the Reach, preventing them from aiding House Lannister in the Battle by the Lakeshore or the destruction of the green armies from The Crownlands in the battle that became known as the Butcher's Ball.

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