The Battle of the Camps was a major battle during the War of the Five Kings fought between the armies of House Stark, under the command of Robb Stark, and the armies of House Lannister, under the command of Lord Andros Brax and Ser Forley Prester. It is a resunding win for the Stark army, and liberates the first Siege of Riverrun.


Before the BattleEdit

Ser Jaime Lannister beats the army of Ser Edmure Tully at the Battle of Riverrun and then lays siege to the mighty castle itself. However his supply train is harassed by Ser Marq Piper and Lord Karyl Vance, leadig him out into a trap set by Robb. with Jaime captured, and a lot of his generals with him, the armies besieging Riverrun are left leaderless and unaware.

The BattleEdit

the battle starts when Ser Brynden Tully, who is commanding Robb's vanguard, strikes the northernmost of the three Lannister siege camps. This is the camp that would have been under the control of Jaime and so is left leaderless. Lord Andros Brax attempts to lead men across the Tumblestone on rafts to aid the other camp, but a combination of the wrath of the river and rocks being thrown from the walls of Riverrun mean a lot of these rafts sink, including the one bearing Lord Brax, who dies in the river.

Robb Stark then leads his own troops, bolstered by the armies of House Umber and House Mallister against the second Lannister camp. The Lannisters attempt to form a shield wall, but are taken from behind when Lord Tytos Blackwood leads riverland survivors of the Battle of Riverrun out of Riverrun to free the captives. Lord Greatjon Umber meanwhile is tasked with burning the enemy siege towers. Ser Forley Prester retreats his small army back to the Golden Tooth.

After the BattleEdit

The Lannisters lose roughly 8000 men at the Battle of the Camps, and with the siege of Riverrun broken Robb now has a defendable base of operations in The Riverlands. It is at a war council after the battle that Robb is proclaimed King in the North.