The Battle of Riverrun was an important battle during the War of the Five Kings, fought between the forces of House Tully, under the command of Ser Edmure Tully, and the armies of House Lannister, under the command of Ser Jaime Lannister. It ended with a victory for House Lannister.


Before the BattleEdit

Edmure Tully gathers his armies at Riverrun castle, seat of House Tully, after a small Tully force was defeated at Battle of the Golden Tooth by Jaime Lannister. The assembled force includes Lord Tytos Blackwood and Ser Desmond Grell, but not the armies of House Frey as Lord Walder Frey supposedly didn't have time to send his own troops south.

The BattleEdit

Jaime easily beats the Tully forces, putting them into rout. Lord Tytos Blackwood manages to lead a few survivors of the Tully army behind the walls of Riverrun to await the forces of House Stark.

After the BattleEdit

Riverrun is placed under a siege by Jaime, whilst his father , Lord Tywin Lannister rampages through The Riverlands. h most notably takes Harrenhal with no opposition, sets up a base at Raventree Hall and burns Stone Hedge to the ground. Jaime keeps Edmure as a prisoner and hostage at his camp, until the armies of House stark arrive and win both the Battle of the Whispering Wood and then the Battle of the Camps.

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