A battle at Fairmarket was a decisive battle fought during Harwyn Hoare's conquest of the Riverlands from the rule of the Storm Kings. It was fought between the armies of House Hoare, led by Harwyn, and House Durrandon, led by King Arrec Durrandon.

Prelude Edit

The rivermen's resistance to the Ironborn had been broken after defeats to the armies of Samwell Rivers and Lady Agnes Blackwood. Numerous riverlords, including Lothar Bracken and Theo Charlton, had chosen to instead support Harwyn, with dreams of their own independence. These rivermen harassed Arrec's army as they marched north, denying them supplies.

The Battle Edit

Harwyn met Arrec at Fairmarket on the Blue Fork of the Trident. Arrec had half gain the amount of men that Harwyn had under his command, but his were tired and had suffered supply loss on the journey. The Ironborn longships allowed them to seize the crossing. Arrec was reckless and indecisive, which caused for him to lose badly, with half of his men dying, including two of his brothers.

Aftermath Edit

The rivermen were initially joyous after the battle. Instead of granting them independence, however, Harwyn gave himelf the Riverlands and became the first King of the Isles and the Rivers.