Barra is a baby girl born to a fifteen year old unnamed prostitute in the brothel of Chatayaya in King's Landing. Her mother named her in honor of the baby's father Robert Baratheon. When Eddard is wounded, Cersei claims that he was drunk and coming from a brothel when he attacked Jaime. Lord Eddard tells them that he only went to see the baby. Later when he is asked by Robert to swear to be a father to Robert's children, it is Mya Stone, Gendry, and Barra who Eddard thinks of as he takes the oath. However, as he talked of Barra in front of Cersei, she sent gold cloaks to kill her as well as all of Robert's other bastards after he dies. Barra's mother tries to stop the Gold cloak named Allar Deem from killing the baby, and so died as well.

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