The Reach

Location of the Arbor on the Reach.

Arbor is a golden island located in the southwestern-most area of Westeros. It is ruled by House Redwyne. And it is known for making great gold wine and red wine.

The island is considered part of The Reach, and is separated from the mainland by the Redwyne Straits. It is protected by the Redwyne fleet, which is the largest fleet of the Seven Kingdoms.

The port town of Ryamsport is located on the Arbor, as well as the settlements of Vinetown and Starfish Harbor. Smaller islands in the vicinity of the Arbor include Stonecrab Cay, the Isle of Pigs, the Mermaid's Palace, Horseshoe Rock, and Bastard's Cradle. The Arbor and its surrounding isles are an excellent center for shipbuilding.

Culture Edit

The Arbor is known for making the best wine in Westeros, especially a terrific red one and a gold wine. Wine from the Arbor is usually sweeter than wine from Dorne. Tourneys held at the Arbor are restricted to knights.


A storm of Swords Edit

Lord Paxter Redwyne states that King Joffrey's Valor is being constructed at the Arbor in honor of King Joffrey I Baratheon.

A feast for Craws Edit

In A Feast for Crows, Arbor was attacked by the Ironborn.

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