Andalos was once a powerful kingdom extending across much of northwestern Essos west of the Rhoyne River, including the Velvet Hills and the Flatlands. It was a contemporary of the early Rhoynar kingdom, and according to Rhoynish histories the Rhoynar taught the Andals how to forge iron (disputing Andal legends, which insist they were directly taught by The Smith). The area was originally home to a race of Hairy Men who were related to the men of Ibben. The Andals, who had previously been living further east in the Axe peninsula, displaced them through warfare. The Faith of the Seven was born in Andalos when The Father gave Hugor of the Hill a crown made of seven stars, while The Maiden gave Hugor his wife, who bore him forty-four sons.

Some time later, the Andals abandoned the region to colonize Westeros across the Narrow Sea. They overran and conquered most of the western continent, leaving Andalos deserted, and various other migrations of different Easterners moved into the region over the course of the subsequent six thousand years. The Valyrians established the city of Pentosthere millennia later, in the south of the region. The northern coast became part of the Braavosian coastlands. Even in the present day, the inhabitants of Pentosh seem quite similar in appearance to the Andals of Westeros, and it is theorized that many of them descend from local Andals who were conquered by the Valyrians and incorporated into their new colony there.

The term "Hills of Andalos" has gained some traction in fan circles, as a term originating from George R.R. Martin reading a chapter from A Dance with Dragons some years ago. However, in the published novels the term "Velvet Hills" was used instead.

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