Amory Lorch was the castellan of Harrenhal and a knight of House Lorch.


He is described as being small, portly and having piggish features.


He is known for having stabbed Rhaenys Targaryen, daughter of Rhaegar, to death during the sack of King's Landing. Although Tywin Lannister agreed to killing the girl he thought he should have suffocated her and "used sweet words".

In the BooksEdit

  • In A Clash of Kings, he is responsible for the death of Yoren in an unprovoked attack. He also killed Beric Dondarrion (who was later resurrected) after bribing him to surrender by threatening to kill a few innocent civilians (which he killed anyway). He was later captured by Roose Bolton and thrown naked into a bear pit for the entertainment of Bolton's men.

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