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The day you make them all is the day you stop improving
— Alleras

Alleras, also known as The Sphinx, is a novice at the Citadel in Oldtown. He comes from Dorne, but his mother was a trader from the Summer Islands. He claims his father was a noble, but not a lord.


Alleras is handsome, as he is doted on by the serving wenches of the Quill and Tankard. He has dark skin and black eyes, with his curly dark hair formed in a widow's peak. He is described as slender, and is always smiling. His smile is described as soft.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

Alleras heads to the Quill and Tankard inn with Mollander, Roone and Armen to celebrate the forging of his copper link. When they arrive they encounter Pate, who joins them. Alleras buys them all a round of fearsomely strong cider.

Outside the inn he has Mollander throw apples into the air so he can demonstrate his skill with a bow and arrow. He refuses to buy Leo Tyrell any drinks, but does so in a courteous manner, whilst Mollander and Pate both get annoyed at him.