The Alchemist is a mysterious figure encountered by Pate in Oldtown.


The alchemist is described as having a hooked nose, with thick, black hair curled around his ears. He has full cheeks and the shadow of a beard. He has a young man's face. There is a scar that runs down his right cheek, but it is faint.


A Feast for CrowsEdit

The Alchemist convinces Pate to steal the personal key of Archmaester Walgrave, the senile old man that Pate helps at the Citadel. This key is capable of unlocking any door in the Citadel. In return the Alchemist promises Pate a gold dragon, which he needs to take the maidenhead of Rosey. It is agreed that they will meet at the Quill and Tankard inn three days later.

When the Alchemist arrives he sees Pate is with Mollander, Roone, Armen and Alleras, and he does not want to disturb Pate's fellowship. He waits and confronts Pate shortly afterwards. He lures the novice down to a back alley where they perform the swap. Immediately afterwrads Pate is told that he will never understand as he falls to the cobbles and dies.

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