Aenar Targaryen, also known has Aenar the Exile and Lord of Dragonstone was the father of Daenys the Dreamer and Gaemon the Glorious and the ancestor of House Targaryen. Aenar was a nobleman from the Valyrian Freehold that had escaped the Doom before it layed waste to Valyria.

Early LifeEdit

Before the cataclysmic event known has the Doom of Valyria and House Targaryen relocation to Dragonstone. Aenar Targaryen hearing his daughter Daenys who had predicted the Doom twelve years prior to the event, took his family and possessions to Dragonstone along with five of their dragons (one of which was the great beast that came to be known as Balerion the Black Dread). Following the Doom, house Targaryen would become one of very few Valyrian noble families including House Velaryon and House Celtigar to escape the Doom and the only noble house to do so with dragons.

A Song of Ice and FireEdit

A Feast for CrowsEdit

By the events of the current timeline in the series, the history of Aenar Targaryen and his daughter visions was written down in a book called Signs and Portents that remains lost. Archmaester Marwyn had claimed that he had found three pages of it in his Book of Lost Books.

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