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On their way to The Wall, Samwell Tarly and Gilly spend the night at an abandoned Wildling village, where they get attacked by a Wights that happen to be Small Paul, Chett and a dozen more either from Night's Watch or Wildlings.

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During their march to The Wall, Samwell Tarly and Gilly reach what appears to be Whitetree, however after Sam studies the carved face of the Heart Tree, he admits to himself that it is not the face he and his brothers saw when they started out on the ranging.

Sam and Gilly camp at the village for the night, only a while later Sam wakes up with the cold and a Wight that happens to be Small Paul. Sam distracts Small Paul from Gilly and her babe as they run, he stabs Small Paul with his Obsidian dagger, but it shatters upon contact with Paul’s chain-mail. Struggling on his feet, Sam thrusts a burning stick from the campfire in the wight’s mouth, setting it on fire.

When Sam heads out, he finds Gilly and her infant son surrounded by a dozen more wights. Sam loses his concentration after seeing their horse killed, but a raven lands on his shoulder, only then Sam notices thousands of ravens fly from the branches of the weirwood tree to tear the wights to pieces. The Raven on Sam's shoulder tells him to go.

Sam takes Gilly's hand and starts running, suddenly a voice calls out, "Brother! Here." From the falling snow appears a man dressed all in blacks and greys astride a great elk. When Sam reaches up for the man’s hand, he notices that the rider wear no glove, his hand is black and cold as ice, with fingers hard as stone.

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